1443 Beacon Street Apartments | Brookline, MA

  • Owner
    Sydney Associates, Inc. | Brookline, MA
  • General Contractor
    Lockheed Window Corp. | Pascoag, RI
  • Lockheed Window Corp. Project Manager
    Frank Lavimodiere

A six-story high-end condominium on Boston’s storied Beacon Street, this 115-unit building needed to adhere to the historical style of the neighborhood. To accomplish this, Lockheed installed a variety of windows — which were fabricated with different colors on the exterior and interior.

Throughout the renovation, working in occupied high-end apartments was no easy feat. Since the entire job in each apartment needed to be done in a single day while the residents were out, Lockheed’s expertise in coordination and communication with residents was an invaluable factor. The Senior Project Manager in charge of these renovations was Nelson Mateus.

Installed components included:

  • Three types of windows used, a total of 354 for the project:
  • Traco NX-3100 casement windows
  • Traco NX-3500 projected windows
  • Traco NX-6000 sliding windows

Project Highlights