Fairfield School of Nursing | Fairfield, CT

  • Owner
    Fairfield University | Fairfield, CT
    Newman Architects, P.C. | New Haven, CT
    Gilbane Building Co. | Glastonbury, CT
    Michele Marchand

This project included the renovation of Fairfield University’s existing School of Nursing along with a new building, three times the size of the existing building. The existing building received new windows and doors updating its mostly brick façade. The new construction includes a bridge, which is enclosed in glass, connecting the two buildings. The front of the new building is clad with 10,000 square feet of curtain wall and 4,800 lateral feet of terra cotta sunshades, and is trimmed with metal panel fascia and soffits. There are new technical simulation areas enclosed with sliding doors and glass partitions, simulating a real hospital environment.

Installed components included:

  • 18,000 square feet of EFCO Corp. 5900 Curtain Wall
  • 1,900 square feet of EFCO Corp. S945 Storefront
  • 7 Pairs of EFCO Corp. D502 Thermal Aluminum Doors
  • 15 EFCO Corp. WV430 Project-Out Vents
  • 11 CR Laurence Series 2000 Mall Sliders with Sidelites
  • 5 Arrow United Industries EA-405 Louvers
  • Dri-Design Metal Panel Soffits
  • 4,500 linear feet of Shildan Terra Cotta Sunshades

Project Highlights