New Construction, John Kroll, School, windows, curtainwall, entrance doors, LEED, EFCO 325X Fixed over Project Out windows, S325X Fixed Ribbon windows, S5600 curtainwall, D502 entrance doors, North Reading High School, North Reading, MA

North Reading Middle School & High School | North Reading, MA

  • Owner
    North Reading School District
  • Architect
    Dore & Whittier | South Burlington, VT
  • Construction Manager
    Gilbane Building Company | Boston, MA
  • Lockheed Window Corp. Project Manager
    John Kroll

The construction of North Reading Middle/High School included the installation of fixed over project-out windows, curtainwall, and entrance doors.

Installed components included:

  • 289 EFCO 325X Fixed/Project Out combination windows
  • 53 EFCO 325X Fixed Ribbon Windows
  • EFCO 5600 (2 1/2″ x 8″)
  • Curtainwall system utilized in the side wing of the school, along with EFCO D502 Wide Style Thermal Doors throughout the building.
  • All windows, curtainwall and doors glazed with insulated glass with PPG Solarban® 70XL Low E coating.
  • All material provided in a Class I Clear Anodized finish.

Project Highlights