Union Station Intermodal Transportation Center

  • Owner
    Springfield Redevelopment Authority | Springfield, MA
    HDR | Boston, MA
    Daniel O’Connell’s Sons Inc | Holyoke, MA
    Skanska USA Building, Inc. | Boston, MA
    Michele Marchand

The Union Station Intermodal Tranportation Center won the renowned Pheonix Award for best Brownfields redevelopment in the country in 2017, months after reopening following more than 40 years of vacancy since its closure in 1973. A number of contributors worked together to complete this large historical redevelopment project in downtown Springfield, MA. The first phase of the project included a full terminal building renovation, followed by a phase two passenger tunnel facelift.

Installed components included:

  • 71 Columbus Door Company Hollow Metal Doors
  • 119 Columbus Door Company Hollow Metal Frames
  • 23 Columbus Door Company Stainless Steel Doors
  • 18 Columbus Door Company Stainless Steel Frames
  • 14 Hope’s Windows Steel Doors
  • 6 Hope’s Windows Steel Frames
  • 37 EFCO Corp. D518 HD Wide Stile Aluminum Doors
  • 17 EFCO Corp. 5600 Series 6” Deep Curtain Wall Openings
  • 12 EFCO Corp. S401 Storefront Framing Frames
  • 249 Wassau Window & Wall 9250 Series Double Hung Self-Balancing Windows
  • 20 Wassau Window & Wall 8300i Series Fixed Windows

Project Highlights