Woburn Public Library | Woburn, MA

  • Owner
    City of Woburn | Woburn, MA
    CBT | Boston, MA
    Consigli Construction Co. | Milford, MA
    Nelson Mateus

The new addition at Woburn Public Library, originally built in 1879, was a unique project for Lockheed. The extension to the library was meant to blend the old world with the new, without taking away the beauty of the original building. Most of the addition is glass, which allows the new building to reflect the original one rather than overshadowing it. The new addition is connected to the original using a custom, Lockheed-designed glazing system, which makes it appear as if the glass from the new building is installed into the original. Additionally, Lockheed and CBT worked with Oldcastle to design a custom curtain wall system, which reflects the beauty of the historic building.

Installed components included:

  • 55 (10,500sf) Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope® Reliance Curtain Wall Systems
  • 21 Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope® Zero Sightline HT PO Vents
  • 4 Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope® MS 350 T-Thermal Entrances
  • 26 Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope® Solar Eclipse Sunshades
  • 1 CRL Entice® Series Entrance System
  • 1 CRL Blumcraft® Series 150 Door

Project Highlights