Lockheed Window Corp. Residential Division Transfer

Thank you for visiting Lockheed Window Corp.’s Residential Division site. We have transferred ownership and management of the Residential Division to Slocomb Windows and Doors, Inc. based in Wilkes-Barre, PA. Slocomb has been a trusted company in the window and door industry since 1961. We invite you to visit their site below and view their expanded list of products and services. 


If you have any questions regarding this transition or want to learn more about working with Slocomb, please contact Slocomb at 570-825-3675 and/or email customerservice@slocombwindows.com. If you are a past or potential dealer and you’re interested in doing business with Slocomb, you should also contact Slocomb.


Slocomb will be honoring Lockheed’s warranties. If you are a homeowner or end user of Lockheed products and wish to file a warranty claim, please fill out one of these forms and forward it to Slocomb at customerservice@slocombwindows.com.

Installation instructions for warranty glass can be found here.

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