From bare-bones beginnings in 1955.

To capabilities that would have defied belief.

As starting-out-small stories go, the story of Benjamin and Ruth Kosiver is as about as simple as it gets. In 1955, the Kosivers founded the Lockheed Aluminum Window Corp. in College Point, New York. A tiny company specializing in small windows, awnings, railings, shutters and the like, the business found its way to North Grosvenordale, CT — and eventually to its present home in Pascoag, RI in 1973.

Building capabilities and skills that rival national manufacturers.

At its new Pascoag headquarters, the Kosivers’ quickly expanding company entered the commercial window market by doing installations in addition to manufacturing. Their first installation project was a small public works project in the city of Worcester, MA, using a station wagon, a ladder, and one employee.

In 1995, we adopted our current name, Lockheed Window Corp., to reflect the substantial and continuing expansion of our product and service offerings. Accordingly, our installation division began to evolve toward its current scope of capabilities: handling large projects for buildings like schools and university dorms involving hundreds of windows. In 2001, we added new construction services to augment our already thriving renovation services side of the business.

In 2018, Lockheed shifted all focus toward the Commercial Division of our business. This has allowed us to better meet the growing demand and opportunity from the Commercial Construction and Renovation sector of our business as well as offer improved and increased in-house fabrication of various panel systems, unitized curtain wall systems, and computerized CNC machining to our growing network of Commercial Division customers and partners.

Taking on massive commercial projects.
Staying true to our family heritage.

Today, Lockheed is equipped to successfully execute multi-million dollar installation projects. Yet we’re still able to retain the spirit and authenticity of a family-owned business with longtime employees, an unwavering commitment to our customers, and an unrelenting focus on quality and service.

While we shifted away from manufacturing residential windows over the years, we’ve stayed true to our roots and today you’ll still find a Kosiver at the helm. In 1988, Ben and Ruth sold Lockheed Window Corp. to their son, Jeffrey Kosiver, who ran the company for 21 years. In 2009, Michael Kosiver — Jeffrey’s son and our current president — bought the company after beginning here as a teenager and running Lockheed’s installation operations for 18 years.

As our business continues to grow and expand into new markets, we will always maintain our family business mentality and stay true to our heritage.