Jewish Senior Services | Bridgeport, CT

  • Owner
    The Jewish Home for the Elderly of Fairfield County | Bridgeport, CT
  • Architect
    Perkins Eastman | Stamford, CT
  • Construction Manager
    KBE Building Corp. | Farmington, CT
  • Lockheed Project Manager
    John Kroll

Lockheed provided doors, lights, and thousands of square footage worth of glass for both the exterior and interior of the new Jewish Senior Services building. Lockheed also removed a total of 36 stained glass windows from the original Jewish Senior Services building and reinstalled them in the new Jewish Senior Center order to depict an ancient story.

Installed components included:

  • Over 10,000 sq ft of composite panels throughout the building in addition to 1,500 sq ft of insulated glass and 2,000 sq ft of monolithic glass for the interior.
  • 22 EFCO terrace doors, 15 pair and 4 single EFCO D500 wide stile swing doors all with transom lite frames and 6 Stanley automatic sliders.
  • All material was provided in a three coat silver metallic paint finish.

Project Highlights