Sunita Williams Elementary School | Needham, MA

  • Owner
    Town Of Needham | Needham, MA
    Dore & Whittier Architects, Inc. | Newburyport, MA
    Bacon Construction Co, Inc. | East Providence, RI
    David Ahles

The Lockheed team completed the 90,700 square-foot construction of Sunita Williams Elementary school, which was under budget and on schedule, alongside Dore & Whittier architects and Bacon Construction Co. This $45 million project consisted of installing ECFO Curtain Walls, Fixed & Awning Vents, Interior Storefronts, Thermastile Doors, and Interior Doors. The school allows for a capacity of 540 students and comes equipped with a solar array, a sensory garden area, an outdoor classroom, and an extended learning area.

Installed components included:

  • 77 EFCO 5600 Curtain Walls
  • 34  EFCO WV-430 Awning Vents
  • 101 EFCO PX32 Fixed & Awning Vents
  • 12 EFCO 402 Interior Storefronts
  • 6 pair / 2 single EFCO D502 Thermastile Doors
  • 5 pair / 2 single EFCO D500 Interior Doors

Project Highlights