North Middlesex Regional High School

North Middlesex Regional High School | Townsend, MA

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    North Middlesex Regional High School | Townsend, MA
    SMMA | Cambridge, MA
    CTA Construction | Waltham, MA
    Jake Atteridge

North Middlesex Regional High School, a two-story, 180,530 square foot building, was constructed on a 50-acre site adjacent to the existing school. Lockheed crews installed EFCO fixed & projected windows, storefront, curtain walls, and doors in the high school construction. In addition to the building, the new facilities included 350 parking spaces and parking for 12 school buses, a 6/8 lane track, the main football/multipurpose field, bleachers, a press box, a lavatory building, the rebuilding/restoration of existing fields, and new septic system.

Installed components included:

  • EFCO 450X Series Fixed & Projected Windows
  • EFCO 403i, 403X, & 402 Storefront
  • EFCO 5600 XTherm Curtain Walls
  • EFCO D518 DuraStile® Doors

Project Highlights