A portfolio of successes that speaks for itself.

Built by an in-house team of bona fide experts.

With over forty years of experience in the demanding commercial market, Lockheed continues to expand its legacy for delivering successful on-time projects. Our ability to provide installation services of the highest quality is rooted in the exceptional individual abilities of our in-house team of technicians. Lockheed project managers are experienced, responsive and knowledgeable — as they lead our dependable and highly skilled crews to meet and exceed the daily challenges of both the factory and the field.

Equally adept at serving new construction and renovations.

Whether we’re addressing new construction or a complex renovation, Lockheed project teams are equipped to approach a project in innovative ways. With access to world-class products and services, our people exhibit a deep-seated pride in the quality of our work — backing it up with outstanding and reliable customer service.

Our extensive portfolio of successfully completed projects includes schools, colleges, hospitals, private and public housing complexes, condominiums, and office complexes. In the process, we have worked with a wide range of materials including vinyl, steel, aluminum, and glass to achieve unsurpassed results — and we look forward to the challenge of working with new materials as they continue to evolve.

We invite you to explore our site to learn more about Lockheed’s history and our ever-evolving set of offerings and capabilities. You’ll sense why we’ve become a supplier and partner of choice for contractors, developers and building owners in the New England region and beyond.